Isleñas manufactures in-house and carries a variety of material to produce. This means we are able to color customize your shoes! Although we are looking forward to making this process virtual in the future, right now customizing your shoes is pretty analogue. (Which we think is great because we get to talk directly through email or Instagram and then we know each other a bit.)

Since we wholeheartedly believe that color is a collaboration, we look forward to see what we can create together. 

Process below:

—Let us know your interest via DM or email sending us a pic of the style and/or color you saw on our IG feed.

— If you want particular colors, let us know the palette. We will send you pics of the material we have in stock that could fit the request.

— Send me your American shoe size or sizes and any details on your fit (wide, narrow, standard etc)

— Custom fee is $40 + original price of the style you choose 

— Custom requests can be exchanged for another size (not for another color) 

— Custom requests cannot be refunded.

— Your email / We'll send the custom checkout link to complete order.

— Custom order are taking 4-6 week to be completed and shipped.



Instagram DM : @islenasshoes
Email :